Arne Martin

I was born 1994 in Hannover, Germany. At a young age I already developed great interest in music. At the age of seven I started learning to play the trumpet, which I played until I was eleven. After I stopped to play trumpet I started to play the piano. Later, at the age of fifteen I also started learning to play the guitar.
In 2005, at the age of ten, I started my education in secondary school at the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium Barsinghausen. After I got my high-school diploma in the summer of 2013, in German Abitur, I intended to start an academic career in science. Following this idea I began to study biology at the University of Hannover. To study biology was very interesting and challenging, but despite my interest in it I also wanted to get an academic education in the field of music. Therefore I resigned from the University of Hannover, after two semesters, in the summer of 2014 and moved to Ireland to study Production of Music and Audio. The decision to do so was not driven by any ‘practical considerations’ I was just curios to do something different and had always wanted to get a Degree in Music and I was worried that I maybe would never pursue that dream if I would keep studying Biology.
Currently I am looking forward to graduate from the Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) in 2018 with the Honours Bachelor degree of Arts in Production of Music and Audio.


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