User generated content (from a performer’s perspective)

Nowadays it is a very common occurrence to see people at concerts taking pictures and videos of the show. And many different people have many different opinions on that, so in  this blog post I will shine a light on that topic from a performer’s point of view.

Some performers don’t seem to have a problem with people taking photographs and videos during the gig, for them it is an opportunity for free promotion, because many of the people taking videos and pictures at gigs are from younger generations and many of them will show the video to their friends or even post it online on their facebook page etc. For the performer that is basically free promotion and is often appreciated, but only if the footage taken has a decent quality. The last thing any performer wants is footage of him/her online that has such a poor quality that it makes them sound bad. This is the opposite of good promotion, for many people who have never been to a concert of an artist the footage of them they see online will be the only ‘live-like’ impression they get from him/her and it’s commonly known that there is only one chance to make a good first impression. Hence many artists will appreciate decent fan footage, but they will disapprove of bad fan footage and many performers even will get it removed from the internet. Not to mention the legal side of unofficially taken live footage from a concert.
Another aspect that might concern performers is that the atmosphere at a concert decreases with every filming camera phone. It puts the performer under more pressure than he is anyway, for every single movement of him/her will be filmed from a hundred different angles and digitally immortalised. And it also decreases the vibe of the crowd at the gig, because people how would usually cheer and sing along are now staring at their phone screen instead of ‘participating’ in the show.

For all those reasons I think it is legitimate if performers do not allow fans to take footage of them during gigs. I personally don’t approve it, because let’s be honest when I pay 80€ for a concert ticket I want to make the most of that,  which for me means to take at lest one or two pictures of the show, but from the perspective of the performer it is understandable not to allow fans to make footage.


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