Mixtape Vol.2 – ArcticBieber

This blog post will guide you through the considerations I made when I created my latest mixtape, ‘Mixtape Vol.2 – ArcticBieber’. Since the mixtape has to cover a very broad range of topics, there are very different songs on it from the Arctic Monkeys to Justin Bieber, hence the name.

Just like the first mixtape I made, this mixtape also reflects the topics covered in class in its song selection.
The topics are:
-Gender and Popular Music
-Sexuality in Contemporary Music
-The movie: ‘No one knows about Persian Cats’
-The Impact of the Internet on Popular Music
-Fan generated Performer Footage

The songs on the mixtape are:
-I bet you look good on the dance floor by the Arctic Monkeys (live)
-Hotel California by The Eagles (live)
-Creep by Radiohead covered by Prince (live)
-Punk Prayer by Pussy Riot
-I want to hold your hand by The Beatles
-Whistle by Flo Rida
-I can’t breath by Pussy Riot
-Smile by Lily Allen
-Rocking in the Free World by Neil Young
-Baby by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris

The first song on the mixtape is ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ by the Arctic Monkeys. This songs belongs to the topic ‘The Impact of the Internet on Popular Music’, the Arctic Monkeys were one of the first bands ever to become famous through the internet. They built their fanbase by posting their songs to MySpace where they very quickly became viral  before they even got recognised by the music industry. Without the intent the Arctic Monkeys probably wouldn’t be famous today.
The next song is ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles, this song belongs to the topic ‘Fan generated Performer Footage’, The Eagles have banned phones completely from their concerts, on an Eagles concert you are not allowed to have your phone even switched on and if you are caught using it you’ll have to leave the concert. And since footage of a performer can only be taken on a live gig, the song on the mixtape is a live version.
Song number three is ‘Creep’ originally by Radiohead here in a live cover version from Prince, thematically it belongs to the same topic as the previous song, because Prince also banned all phones from his gigs, no phone is allowed and the security is not to shy to enforce that. I chose this song in particular, because Prince actually removed all footage of his concerts from the internet, but he was pressured by Radiohead to put this song back on because the rights for it belong to Radiohead and Prince has no authority over it.
The next song on the mixtape is ‘Stay with me’ by Sam Smith and it belongs to the topic ‘Gender and Popular Music’. I wrote about this song in the corresponding blog post and that’s why this song his on the mixtape.
Almost all love songs send a certain image of sexuality about society and about the people singing the song, but this song doesn’t do that, it has almost no reference to sexuality although it is a love song, which I think is quite remarkable these days.
The fifths song is ‘Punk Prayer’ by Pussy Riot and it belongs to the topic ‘No one knows about Persian Cats’, a movie that deals with Iranian musicians who are not allowed to play their music and are being prosecuted by their government. Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist-punk band who was imprisoned for nearly two years in Russia for ‘hooliganism’. They performed their song ‘Punk Prayer’, which criticises the Russian government and the Russian church, in a Cathedral in Moscow in 2012.
Many said that Russia’s president Putin wanted to make a showcase out of their conviction to oppress future protest movements.
Song number six is ‘ I want to hold your hand’ by The Beatles, this song belongs to the topic ‘Sexuality in Contemporary Music’. The Beatles might be a few days old by now, but when the song was released in 1963 the title (I want to hold your hand) was considered quite sexually suggestive, which leads to song number seven: Whistle by Flo Rida.
It belongs thematically to the same topic and I put these two songs in a row, because they show what ‘sexually suggestive’ means in 2012.
The chorus goes: “can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby let me know. Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow. You just put your lips together and you come real close, can you blow my whistle baby whistle baby, here we go.”
That is sexual innuendo 2000’s style.
Please, excuse the inappropriate joke, but the next song is called ‘I can’t breath’, a title that had to be put after ‘Whistle’, both in a sexual innuendo way and also literally (or can you breath after 4 minutes of whistling).
Despite the funny context of this song on the mixtape it is a song dealing with a very serious issue. This song is sung by Pussy Riot and belongs to the topic ‘No one knows about Persian Cats’ and it is the first song they released after the band was freed from jail and it deals with police brutality. The title is a quotation of the last words of Eric Garner, a black man in New York that was killed by the police after he was being choked.
Song number nine on the mixtape is ‘Smile’ by Lily Allen
and it belongs in the same category as the Arctic Monkey’s song and just ike the Arctic Monkeys Lily Allen also became famous through MySpace.
The tens song on the mixtape is ‘Rocking in the Free World’ by Neil Young and it belongs to the topic ‘Crowdfunding’. Neil Young funded a company called Pono Music which is working on developing a portable music player that plays music in very high quality as opposed to the rather poor quality of mp3 players. Interesting about this, and also the reason why he made it onto the mixtape, is that he raised the money for his company using crowdfunding via KickStarter.
The last song on the mixtape is ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris, it belongs to the same topic as Lily Allen and the Arctic Monkeys. I put it on the mixtape, because Justin Bieber also became famous thorough the internet. He posted videos of himself covering songs from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder etc. on youtube and within months he had a large fanbase, to this day Justin Bieber is one of only a few artists who have a video on youtube with more than 1 billion views, an achievement that he accomplished with his song ‘Baby’.











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