Six songs of me

First song you bought?
I don’t remember the first song I bought, but I remember the first Album that I completely listened through. It was ‘American Idiot’ by Green Day. I was ten at that time and although I didn’t understand a single word that was being sung I heard it all the time. I even put it on my mp3 player, which used to be really cool back then.

Get’s you dancing?
I am not really a person that likes to dance, but a song that at least always gets my moving is ‘Nightrain’ by Guns ‘N Roses. There is something raw and energetic about that song that I totally love. The song is basically just about this wine called ‘Nightrain’ that the members of Guns ‘N Roses used to drink a lot, before they became famous, because it was so cheap. It’s really all the song is about and that’s why it always gets me, it’s just a couple of guys singing about their booze.

What song takes you back to your childhood?
A piece of music that always takes me back to my childhood is ‘Opus 39 No.15’ by Johannes Brahms. It is a short waltz written for piano and my mom used to play it very often when I was maybe five or six years old. I can always picture myself sitting in the living room eating cookies, colouring or playing with lego and her playing that song. By now I learned to play it myself and whenever I play it I feel really old.

Perfect love song?
I think the perfect love song, if such thing exists, is ‘Wonderful tonight’ by Eric Clapton. He wrote it while his wife Pattie Boyd was getting ready for a dinner party and the song delivers a simple, but romantic message. He is only singing about how beautiful his wife is, that’s it; no deeper message, no reading between the lines. It’s just a song about how beautiful she is. That makes it the perfect love song in my opinion.

What song would you want at your funeral?
‘Knocking on heaven’s door’, the Guns ‘N Roses version. No other song would fit the occasion better than this one. And there’s no song that I feel more connected to. I can’t even tell how many times I have played that song when I picked up the guitar after a couple of beers. The original song, written by Bob Dylan, is already pretty much perfect, but what Guns ‘N Roses made out of it is simply brilliant. It is without any doubt my favourite song of all times, there’s nothing about it that I don’t love: The lyrics, Slash’s guitar solo, which by the way was the first guitar solo that I learned to play, and the whole feel of the song are just perfect. This is the song that the people at my funeral are going to hear.

What song makes you, you?
‘Boulevard of broken dreams’ by Green Day. That song made me
pick up a guitar, which ultimately brought me to the point in life where I am right now. Without that song I maybe wouldn’t have learned to play guitar, would have never played in a band and never decided to study music production. For me, it all started with this song.


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