Album review: “World On Fire” – Slash

He is probably the most recognisable musician in today’s rock music. When you see a Les Paul playing guitarist with long black curly hair and a top hat you know – it’s Slash.

He became famous in the late eighties as the lead guitarist of Guns ‘N Rose and is the man behind some of the most legendary guitar solos such as “Sweet child ‘o mine” or “November rain”.
World On Fire”, released in September 2014, is Slash’s third solo album and the second one he made together with vocalist Miles Kennedy and the band The Conspirators; it is eighty-seven minutes long and contains seventeen straight forward down to earth rock songs. Recorded on tape, without fancy effects, with Slash’s great guitar skills, Miles Kennedy’s wide vocal range and a solid and powerful musical background provided by The Conspirators “World On Fire” is a pure rock album in every aspect. If you are just looking for honest and original rock music is “World On Fire” definitely the right choice. But even though it is a very good record it is not perfect and it will probably not have a recognisable influence on the music industry, because there are no outstanding tracks on it like “Anastasia” on “Apocalyptic Love”, Slash’s previous solo album, and there are no exceptional artists featured on it either as for instance Ozzy Osbourne or Alice Cooper on Slash’s first solo album.
In conclusion “World On Fire” is undoubtedly a very good rock album, but it is not brilliant – it is a good and solid rock album not more and not less.


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